Welcome to eduTAP, where "education meets the tap" – inspired by the convenience of modern smartphone interactions like "tap to pay" and "tap to open." Just as you can effortlessly tap your smartphone for various transactions, eduTAP enhances the (inter-)campus experience by enabling university members to use their smartphones for a multitude of campus activities. With specific passes securely stored in their digital wallets, individuals can seamlessly:

  • Verify their identity
  • Claim discounts
  • Make payments
  • Access buildings
  • Borrow library books
  • Ride campus shuttles
  • And much more...

eduTAP is committed to realizing the interoperability vision of the European Student Card, establishing a cutting-edge "common identity document" (eduID) based on ISO/IEC standards and dedicated service passes for education institution members. Our mission is to provide a unified way to access on-campus services, all while prioritizing user privacy and complying with European legal requirements. We're proud to align our efforts with Géant Trust and Identity Services, joining the ranks of eduGAIN, eduroam, eduTEAMS, and InAcademia.

Disclaimer: eduTAP is currently a project under the "European University Alliance" (EUGLOH) and is not an official Géant Service or Product. We are in the conceptual and pilot phase, with multiple prototypes showcasing how an inter-university campus can offer interoperable services to its members.

🎯 Our Goals: At eduTAP, we are dedicated to achieving the following objectives.

  • Introduce the European digital campus card on smartphones for both Europe and the world.
  • Ensure decentralization, state-of-the-art security, and compliance with regulations such as GDPR, all while remaining vendor-neutral.
  • Make updates and adaptations easily achievable.
  • Prioritize accessibility and adhere to European jurisdiction requirements.
  • Develop a community-governed, free, and open-source software.
  • Promote favorable adoption of our technology.

🚫 What We Don't Want:

  • We won't clutter your smartphones with additional apps; instead we use existing wallets like Apple Wallet and Google Wallet.
  • We won't introduce new protocols or specifications.
  • We aren't in the business of commercial software.
  • We have no interest in competing with other projects or providers.
  • At eduTAP, we believe in the "Law of Gall" – building upon existing concepts, technologies, and software rather than reinventing the wheel.

🖼️ Our Initiatives: Our project is managed with agility, focusing on several key initiatives.

  • eduTAP-Core (Generic): This component provides the software to create common identity passes and service-specific passes for issuing institutions. It connects with various wallet providers, offers callback applications, and includes a Pass Issuing Management Portal and a Pass Designer.
  • Central Service Directory: We manage a system for announcing services within Higher Education Institutes (HEIs) to a central directory, simplifying access to digital passes for these services. A REST API and micro search portals are also part of this initiative.
  • Mandant Specific Applications (MasA): HEIs have unique requirements, and we provide support libraries and sample apps to accommodate these differences. These include VAS/Smarttap libraries and ISO/IEC 18013-5 libraries for reading passes, as well as apps for checking student status and course/exam check-ins.
  • Infrastructure and Deployment: To facilitate implementation, we offer comprehensive instructions for system administrators. Ready-to-use containers for reusable components are available, compatible with Docker, Kubernetes, and other OCI platforms.
  • eduTAP Documentation: Find in-depth documentation about eduTAP, its components, and technologies at docs.edutap.eu.

Join us on this exciting journey as we tap into the future of education with eduTAP!