"Educational Tapping" describes the act of "tapping" a smart device (e.g. smartphone, smartwatch) on a reader device to perform a transaction.


We are developing the digital campus card of the future for the smartphone. For every member of the higher education community, students, faculty, staff and affiliates. It enables you to easily access services by tapping. Our mission is to fulfill the interoperability vision of the European Student Card. eduTAP is your educational ID and a collection of service passes in the digital wallet. It enables you to:

  • tap to identify yourself,
  • tap to claim a discount,
  • tap to pay,
  • tap to open a door,
  • tap to lend a book,
  • tap to take a campus shuttle.


For users
  • easily obtaining passes for specific services
  • ensure secure and respecting privacy
For Service Providers
  • a secure and trustworthy solution to validate student status

Project Goals

  • for Europe and the world,
  • decentralized, secure and state-of-the-art,
  • compliant (e.g. GDPR, vendor-neutral),
  • updates are easily possible,
  • accessible,
  • follow European jurisdiction requirements,
  • community-governed free and open-source software,
  • favourable adaption possible.

Project Team

Alexander Loechel(LMU Munich • Project Lead)
Jose Filipe Alves(U.Porto)
Morgan Persson(Lunds universitet)
Christine Baumgartner(Project Management)
Jens Klein(Developer)
Philip Auersperg(Developer)

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